Board Committees

365体育投注the board's responsibilities, duties and authorities are set forth in each committee’s charter, which have been approved by the full board and are reviewed annually.

Audit and Finance Committee 

365体育投注chairman: ray g. young

other members of the audit and finance committee are christopher m. connor, ahmet c. dorduncu, anders gustafsson and jacqueline c. hinman.

Four members of the Audit and Finance Committee qualify as an "audit committee financial expert" as defined by the SEC.


Governance Committee

chairman: ilene s. gordon

Other members of the Governance Committee are William J. Burns, Clinton A. Lewis, Jr., Kathryn D. Sullivan and J. Steven Whisler.


Public Policy and Environment Committee

365体育投注chairman: kathryn d. sullivan

365体育投注other members of the public policy and environment committee are william j. burns, ahmet c. dorduncu, anders gustafsson and clinton a. lewis, jr.


Executive Committee

chairman: mark s. sutton

other members of the executive committee are christopher m. connor, ilene s. gordon, kathryn d. sullivan and ray g. young.


Management Development and Compensation Committee

365体育投注 chairman: christopher m. connor

365体育投注other members of the management development and compensation committee are ilene s. gordon, jacqueline c. hinman, j. steven whisler and ray g. young.